Pee Wee Russell’s paintings

Fed up with him spending his leisure time just watching TV and drinking beer in their New York apartment Mary – Pee Wee Russell’s long-suffering wife – bought him a painting kit and said – we’re told “here you are – don’t just sit there – paint. After being initially nonplussed by the idea – … [Read more…]

Jazz web sites – Jazzology records, American Music etc with live sounds – a superb history source – record company – radio – New Orleans Music magazine – record labels and books – records – Lake … [Read more…]


    Memoire – jazz days in Soho and beyond……..   Originally for Just Jazz magazine   I was reminiscing with friends in my Welsh retirement refuge recently and they suggested that some of the more printable ones – what to me were the exciting events with the Dobell record shop  (see photo above) crowd and … [Read more…]

Joe Temperly obit from the Daily Telegraph

Joe Temperley, who has died aged 86, was a jazz saxophonist who, after a successful career with Humphrey Lyttelton’s band in Britain, moved to New York, where he continued to flourish, playing with, among others, the Duke Ellington Orchestra . His principal instrument was the baritone saxophone, renowned for being stolid and unwieldy, but capable … [Read more…]