Pee Wee Russell’s paintings

128_1image20110621033505-zdownload (1)Candida

Fed up with him spending his leisure time just watching TV and drinking beer in their New York apartment Mary – Pee Wee Russell’s long-suffering wife – bought him a painting kit and said – we’re told “here you are – don’t just sit there – paint. After being initially nonplussed by the idea – he’d never drawn or painted in his life Pee Wee started. Now his surrealist works are much prized not only by the jazz fraternity but also by connoisseurs worldwide. In the space that follows (we hope – we’re at the early stages of learning how to “drive” this web site) we’ll place a nice characteristic photo of the man himself and some examples of his work. More of his work can be viewed (by arrangement) at Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies.






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